Critical Care

Management Software - VodenLink

VodenLink is a management software for processing data from the Point-Of-Care instruments connected to a personal computer. It allows bi-directional communication with blood gas counter and portable instruments for the determination of coagulation parameters, cardiac markers, clinical chemistry analyzers, urine, hematology analyzers and other diagnostic tools. Using this software you can manage lists of patients the quality control data and display the results of the determinations carried out without interrupting the normal routine of the various user strumenti.
Designed to facilitate immediate use even by part of inexperienced staff, the various windows with their selection and sorting filters are intuitive and easily set. All analysis stored in the database installed in the server location, are easily filtered by setting various selection criteria: location, department, patient, date of examination, date of birth etc.
 The various instruments of the POC can be connected to the server via either a client workstation or directly via LAN or serial adapter. Both the Server and the clients support the dynamic DHCP protocol.
The report format is completely adaptable to any format including the eventual printing of company logos, normal values, comments. In addition, the press can be bound to the test validation and acquisition of full dell'anagrafica paziente.L'inserimento data and patient ID application can be run either manually or via a BC player, thus eliminating any errors transcription.
With VodenLink you can easily manage the analysis of the day through the various filters related to the patients, tools.