Critical Care

Electronic Drive Control - Alcool Test

Electronic Drive Control ® is a instruments used to detect ethyl alcohol by a breath sample.
It uses an electrochemical stack for measuring the concentration of alcohol in the breath. If alcohol is present, the corresponding value indicated by the instrument is proportional to the alcoholic content of the breath sample.
The indicated value is then sent to the CPU and converted into BAC test (Breath Alcohol Content), which is then displayed on the LCD Display.
Instrument features:
1. The data records in the memory is greater than 2000 tests. Data recording (printing directly or via PC).
2. E 'absolutely recommend using disposable mouthpieces.
3. The instrument is supplied in a carrying case for instrument and accessories  
4. Electronic Drive Control ® is powered by 4 rechargeable batteries (AA).
The batteries are located under the cover on the back.
The device indicates the battery by displaying a battery symbol and the remaining level carica.
Operating temperature is -5 ° C to +45 ° C.
Use the device within this range temperature and limits  to ensure an accurate reading.