Critical Care

Oxymeter - Pulsox 300

PULSOX 300 Series
The oxygen saturation in blood can be measured without blood sampling. Useful for examinations in out-patient departments and hospital wards, as well as during visiting care and home care. Large, easy-to-see display
The PULSOX-300 features a highly-visible LED display which ensures clear readings even in a dark place.
User-friendly design with automatic power-off function! With one AAA-size battery, the PULSOX-300 allows about 4,000 measurements. Designed using 3D CAD for doubled impact resistance!Compared with Konica Minolta's conventional model PULSOX-3 based on structural analysis using the finite element method.
Perfect fit on the wrist! The contact surface is contoured for significantly improved stability during movement.The main unit weighs only 56 g (including the battery).
Maximum of 300 hours of data can be stored. LED display Oxygen saturation (SpO2), Pulse rate, Pulse level meter (5 steps), Battery indication, Error messages indication