Critical Care

Opti - LION

The OPTI LION™ Electrolyte Analyzer:
Provides fast accurate results for electrolytes, ionized calcium and pH. Runs samples of whole blood, plasma and serum. Uses innovative optical technology.
Requires minimal maintenance no fluids or electrodes.
The OPTI LION™ Electrolyte Analyzer is a microprocessor-based instrument that measures optical fluorescence from discreet sensors called optical electrodes (optodes). A disposable, single-use cassette contains all of the elements needed for calibration, sample measurement and waste containment.  
Calibration information is loaded into the analyzer automatically when a cassette is read using the bar-code reader. The analyzer performs a calibration verification on all sensors before aspirating the sample into the disposable cassette. The sample is moved across the optode sensors and the fluorescence emission is measured, giving you a reliable reading of the tests you have selected.  
OPTI LION single-use cassettes include these features:
Calibration of cassette before sampling avoids sample loss
Test parameters—Na+, K+, Cl–, Ca++ and pH
Safe disposal waste is stored in cassette
Maintenance-free operation no electrodes
Zero standby cost no reagents required
The innovative optical fluorescence technology of the OPTI LION analyzer eliminates electrodes, and its unique sensor construction prevents lipid/protein build-up. In addition, the single-use cassette does not require a fluidics system, eliminating tubing maintenance.