VEQ Riqas Farmacia



External Quality Assessment (EQA) is a procedure to assess the performance of the pharmacy aimed at demonstrating its good practice or inspire initiatives for its further improvement. The service provides a quarterly sending of a whole blood sample (the same analysed by the pharmacy), the carrying out by the operator and the entry of the results obtained on the site with indication of the tool used. When the session is closed, Randox will elaborate the statistical processing of the data and will make available online the performance report only and exclusively for the pharmacy. In this report the pharmacy will find its results compared with the ones of the pharmacies using the same tool expressed as the average of consensus and variance indicators. Similar indicators will be available also per pharmacy. At the end of the sessions a certificate of attendance will be released.



  • 4 quarterly sending of the unknown sample (whole blood)
  • Free data processing platform
  • Clear and complete reports (Peer to Peer/Universe)



  • Tool for the assessment of the analytical performances of the pharmacy
  • First step towards the ISO certification of the pharmacy self-testing services
  • Enhancement of the importance of the Pharmacy (Certificate of Attendance)