UltraSonograph (US) for bone tissue self-testing

Densitometro osseo ad ultrasuoni

Prevention of osteoporosis

Calcaneal type ultrasound bone densitometer

Totally automatic tool with incorporated PC to define in 45 seconds the quality of a patient’s bone tissue by analysing the mineral density in the heel. This US test is a valid support for an early diagnosis of osteoporosis or of a predisposition for fractures. This non-invasive US methodology makes this test suitable for patients suffering from Osteoporosis, especially to evaluate their response to the ongoing treatments.

No consumable materials needed, except for the gel. Reference values (T-Score, Z-Score) from -1 to +2,5.



  • Non-invasive measurement system (no radiations)
  • Accuracy of the results (T-Score for Young People, Z-Score for people of the same age)
  • Telemedicine reporting service available



  • Osteoporosis prevention
  • To be carried out at the pharmacy in a few minutes (handy)
  • Supplementation/Therapy Monitoring



Only a few seconds to test bone mineral density through a rapid, accurate and non-invasive method.

It is generally known that in Italy most postmenopausal women are exposed to a high risk of fracture due to a natural weakening of the musculoskeletal system.

For this reason, simple actions like the evaluation of the bone tissue quality, the measurement of Vitamin D level, essential for the metabolism, combined with a healthy lifestyle, are fundamental to an active and significant prevention process