System for the research of peripheral arterial pathology

Insufficienza venosa - Strumento per screening

Dopplex AbilityAutomatic System ABI (Ankle Brachial Index)

Dopplex Ability ensures quick measurements ABI bilateral in only 3 minutes.

Dopplex ABIlity is a plethysmograph able to measure in 3 minutes only any ankle-brachial blood pressure variations on both right and left sides. Provided with battery, the trolley conveys the tool and the integrated printer making it particularly effective for surgery activities. The results are particularly appreciated by clinicians to highlight numerous lower limb pathologies.



  • 4-cuff measurement (2 ankles + 2 arms)
  • Result visualization and printing
  • Test time: 3 minutes



  • Early assessment of lower limb pathologies
  • Available at pharmacies (handy)
  • Complementary test for cardiovascular prevention

Dopplex Ability

The small size of the system allows measurements to be performed more efficiently not only in the emergency room or hospital, but also at the patient’s home
The Dopplex Ability device can be used:
  • Wound care – to detect arteriopathies before applying compression bandages.
  • PAD detection – symptomatic or asymptomatic CHD screening – identification of risk factors.