Electronic weighing scale with e-HEALTH platform

Bilancia pesapersone elettronica Keito 9


The only tool providing in 3 minutes a wide profile (8 parameters) of the main biometric parameters gathering 3 different measuring methodologies in one single structure (All in One). Through the positive identification of the patient (Keito Card/Health card) the tool provides the access key to the remote access to any electronic device for the personal cumulative data. It allows to weigh children up to 10 kg with 10 gr. accuracy.



  • All in one (Sphygmomanometer, weighing scale, Bioimpedance scale)
  • Measuring range (see User Manual in the “Technical Data Sheet” section)
  • 7-minute total analysis time



  • Accessible (All in one, reduced handling costs, space saving)
  • Automatic (no operator needed)
  • Modern design

EFFICIENCY All in One (3 in 1)

Biometric station with e-HEALTH platform – also in 4.0
  • EFFICIENCY: three instruments in one (weighs people and children, pressure meter and impedance meter scale), normally present in the pharmacy, with obvious savings in space and maintenance costs.
  • EFFECTIVENESS: the patient, in total autonomy, can choose the measurements according to his needs. The complete program lasts 3.30 minutes.
  • INNOVATION: by identifying via the e-HEALTH platform, the patient can consult the online history of HIS measurements from any electronic device.
  • CONVENIENCE: the pharmacist can charge each measurement in a personalized way, managing prices, promotions and credits independently, the latter manageable with the Keito Card, which can be used as a rechargeable phone.