K9  Biometric station

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Innovative multi-functional touch-screen Biometric Station that can determine:

Weight, Height, Fat Mass,% Lean Mass, BMI, Arterial Pressure, Heart Rate, Pulse Oximetry, spO2, Weighti, Scale for children.

Large LCD customizable

LCD display for video and promotional messages

E-Health platform

User identification, creating personal reports with the history of measurements available online from any device. Language selection for foreign users

Customizable Fidelity Card

Pharmacy logo for credit management and loyalty to your customers (in conjunction with e-Health Platform)

Technical features

Power supply: 110-240 V / 50 Hz.

Consumption: 0.160 A @ 230 V.

Main fuse: 2 A.

Width: 50 cm.

Depth: 58 cm.

Height: 221 cm.

Weight: 40 to 45 kg according to version.

Printer: Integrated

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