Blood Pressure Holter - NPB 24NG

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Mobil-O-Graph NBP - 24NG® is a portable and ergonomic system for the control of blood pressure with a duration of 24 hours. The system consists of two basic parts:
Mobil-O-Graph NBP - 24NG®, device with several bracelets and other accessories
Evaluation Software HMS, for the reading of the results by the physician.
The ABD monitor can be read with the aid of the evaluation unit (depending on the version: HMS-Client-Server or HMS-Windows). Through the software you can read the results of evaluations on a PC, by viewing and printing them in different shapes, such as charts, lists and statistics.
The use of the Mobil-O-Graph NBP-24NG® system is quick and easy: a few seconds to download the data recorded and only a few minutes to prepare the instrument for the next patient. It 'just a small practice to realize the ease of use of the Mobil-O-Graph NBP-24NG®, thus it is possible to use the device on any day, at any hour.