ECG Holter - Norav DL900

  • CardioVoden Norav B
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Norav’s Digital Holter system, outstanding on-screen graphics, remarkable speed for downloading patient data from the recorder to the PC, Using a USB cable or Flash Card Reader.  Within minutes after downloading, the analysis is completed and ready to be printed. 
The small patient digital holter recorder offers the patient maximum comfort. The Norav Holter system is very cost effective, and the software gives you a comprehensive Holter report you can depend on.  Full disclosure 24 / 48 hour recording time, review ECG, send via internet, save to hard drive or RW CD/DVD Arrhythmia, ST, Heart Rate Variability( HRV), Long QT( LQT) & QT analysis, Late Potentials/Signal Averaged ECG (SAECG)comprehensive report printing. 
Review and print trends , pace maker detection , Small & Light weight recorder with a large LCD display for setting up and ECG data preview, powerful beat editing tools.  Norav’s arrhythmia detection algorithm easily recognizes including, ventricular.  Automatic & manual editing of patient data  Easy scrolling of page by page in full disclosure  Network interfacing capability  Link to Electronic Medical Record or Hospital Information System. 
Compatible with NEMS Norav EKG Management System.