Urinalisys - Uridoctor

  • Voden Urometer
  • UriDoctor8x6 160705 2
  • FOTO-11
UriDoctor is a compact benchtop instrument for the determination of the main urinary parameters
 - Colorimetric development, stable for accurate results
- Simple and intuitive interface
- Running time reduced - 1 minute with EQC board tool
- Easy operation via touch screen
- Operation with Batteries
- Lightweight, compact
- Management software
UriDoctor 11
Test strips for the analysis of the following parameters: glucose, protein, pH, blood, ketones, nitrites, bilirubin, urobilinogen, specific gravity, leukocyte, ascorbic acid
Urinalysis is an important examination for the evaluation of the general state of health and the important diseases assessment; it prescribes, in preparation for surgery, to assess the suitability of a sports athlete, for the periodic control of some classes of workers.
UriDoctor 2AC
 Test strips for the analysis of the following parameters:
 Microalbumin - Creatinine - Report Microalbumin / Creatinine
Microalbuminuria, a small constant amount of albumin in the urine may develop progressive kidney failure and cardiovascular disease. Both albumin and creatinine are measured in a urine sample taken in a random time and from these values ​​is then calculated their relationship
Free RadiCheck
 Test strips for the determination of MDA, a marker of oxidative stress.