Life Science

The Life Science Division was established in 2006 with the goal of providing research laboratories with the tools and the most advanced techniques in the fields of cell and molecular biology.
 We are also present in biology laboratories of transplantation and tissue typing (HLA) with innovative and cutting-edge solutions, such as Real time PCR and Next Generation Sequencing.

                                              Immunogenetic and transplant biology


SBT kits and software for HLA high resolution typing, covering all HLA loci.
NGS complete solution for HLA typing with dedicated software.
Transplant Monitoring System that facilitates the steps necessary for qPCR-based chimerism analysis.
LinkSēq technology utilizes proprietary assay designs, reagents and software, in combination with standard Real-Time PCR hardware to simplify the determination of complex genetic sequences, delivering the latest tissue typing technologies.

Cell Biology

STEMCELL TECHNOLOGIES                                  

Committed to supporting stem cell and many other areas of life science research worldwide by providing enabling research tools that are innovative, timely and of consistently high quality. STEMCELL's specialized media and cell separation products are available for a wide range of research applications, and are complemented by a diverse array of cytokines, antibodies, tissue culture reagents, as well as services including contract assays, proficiency testing, and training.


MBL International provides high-quality products and solutions to advance life science research: antibodies, peptides, ELISA kits, exosomes, tetramers and more


Provitro stand for more than ten years of experience in commercialisation of cell culture technologies and tissue microarrays backed up by scientific knowledge and resources of immunohistochemical analyses at the Pathological Institute of Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

Founded in 1987, Biowest is the European leader in the collection of animal sera, offering the widest range of sera and media for cell culture available on the market.
ORF Genetics is effectively pioneering an innovative, unique approach in the manufacturing of growth factors and hard-to-produce recombinant proteins, bypassing the use of bacterial or animal cell systems.
Minerva Biolabs GmbH is a leading biotechnology company for the development and marketing of detection & elimination kits for the control of microbial contamination. 
Biolamina offers an expansive portfolio of defined and xeno-free laminin-based cell culture matrices for reliable expansion of pluripotent cell and differentiation and maintenance of specialized cell types.

Molecular biology


otek dDNA Genevelops products that optimize ease of collection and provide superior samples and proven performance for those requiring high-quality biological samples for nucleic acid testing.


Biotechrabbit innovates, develops and manufactures molecular biology products with superior performance for diagnostics, life science research and applied markets. The offering includes kits for PCR and qPCR, nucleic acid purification, cell-free protein synthesis and more


PSS technologies provide a solution, named “automation”, into the IVD market

DNA-Gdansk offers a comprehensive range of molecular biology products meeting the highest standards for laboratory research.
Lipocalyx develops and manufactures the new generation proprietary synthetic transfection reagents Viromer® based on high-tech polymers that combine the best features of chemical transfection and mimick the natural uptake of the influenza virus to enable an outstanding transfer of RNAs and DNA into various hard-to-transfect cells, including primary cells, stem cells or suspension cells. Viromer® are compatible as well with many classical immortalized cell lines, including cancer cell lines widely used in cell biology. They are highly efficient, easy to use and low-toxic transfection reagents.
For 16 years, Canvax has been an original manufacturer and supplier of the most innovative solutions, services, kits and R&D Reagents inside the Molecular Biology field. 
Cube Biotech provide dedicated services and products for membrane protein applications that facilitate structure-based drug design, including expression, purification, and crystallization.