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Since 2003 we passionately work aside physicians, researchers and pharmacists offering our commitment and our  proven experience  in point of care clinical diagnostic,  self testing device and medical biology research.

We do believe that the actual value of any technology is measured by its potential given to the user, and its capacity to improve patient’s quality of life.

Our commitment is to grant this value, focusing on constant research with top notch systems, capable to offer prompt diagnostics solutions, reliable and surprisingly innovative, with the aim of a total customer satisfaction.

Hospital physicians and paramedics need quick and accurate diagnostics results for a better patient care.

Research and University centers need cutting-edge systems, essential for scientific progress, being this the main key to enhance our life expectation.

Pharmacists are the front line to prevent and monitor most common diseases.

Those above are the health professionals of which we daily collaborate, pushing us in finding tailored solutions and perfecting their needs by providing any useful information to consistently  and effectively act for the benefit of our health.


These are the reasons why we are proud to represent company matching those requirements.
Today in Italy we are present in the HLA market offering proven efficiency routine solutions.
We also introduced:

  • Bedside diagnostic for hospitalized patients.
  • New biomarkers for critical patients suffering of sepsis, kidney or cardiovascular diseases.
  • Telemedicine solutions for territorial coverage.
  • Clinical chemistry systems tailored for pharmacies offering full biochemistry profiles from a single drop of blood.


Our practical knowledge in using innovative systems is the key point to get the most out of their potentiality and avoid any possible inconvenience. Our technical team has a long-term experience in clinical diagnostics, serving also some of the most distinguished companies in this market.
Our organization is focused on supporting the user to the proper use of the system, and in case of failure, a prompt restoration to full operation.
A dedicated phone number is always available, granting continuous support and operation to research lab, hospitals and pharmacies.

About us Voden Medical assistenza


Each business agent has the commitment to establish a network connection among his customers, understand their needs, provide tailored diagnostic solutions and facilitate the order processing.
Each member of the sales network has been selected according specific skill requirements, and thoroughly trained to be the right interface between the customer and the company.
All our collaborators are continuously kept updated with in house and remote updating sessions.


Selected operator access, online quality control verification, sensible data security, all those features are making VodenLink the ideal system to supervise the overall quality of yours Hos-Poc.
This platform integrates Voden and non Voden POCT systems.
Client and Server versions available.
Cost effective licensing/support/maintenance fees.
Hospital His/Lis full integration.
Fully supported by Voden Medical Tech Service.
Your POCT digital cockpit!
Pharmacy self testing software solutions also available.